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  • About Ukiyo

    Ukiyo means “joy of life.” The “U” in Ukiyo means “space,” while the “ki” means “joy” and the “yo” signifies the temporality of human beings. It expresses our wish that once a customer enters Ukiyo, the place is found to be full of joy, with all the gloomy matters left behind to enjoy a refreshing experience. This wish of ours is embodied in “Ukiyo Daruma,” a traditional character and symbol based on Buddhism. Daruma is regarded as a talisman that, even when there are difficulties in life, brings something good afterwards-the symbolism that was derived from the characteristic of a Daruma doll, which always bounces back to its original position no matter how many times it falls over. Please try finding this motif of Ukiyo Daruma scattered across Ukiyo in engravings, paintings and drawings.


    The history of Ukiyo dates back to the mid-19th century, toward the end of the Edo period. The founder, Jinnosuke, started it as a catering restaurant that used fresh seafood available in Takada. Later, in the latter half of the century, Ukiyo became a ryotei under the reign of Jinnosuke’s son-in-law, Yatsuzo. Since then, across three centuries it has been a prestigious ryotei, cherished by a variety of renowned guests and famous cultural figures, including two visits of a member of the imperial family.

  • Ryotei

    A ryotei is a traditional form of high-class Japanese restaurant that, in various cities with a long history, represents the region’s food culture. However, it is not simply about expensive dining. Rather, being a ryotei means having a sophisticated facility that meets certain requirements and standards, such as traditional techniques and seasonal variations in cooking, tatami rooms that can accommodate proper Japanese-style parties, a stage that can host Noh, Kyogen as well as traditional dancing and a Japanese garden that shows the transitions of the seasons. Few ryotei now survive outside Kyoto and Tokyo, making them highly precious.

  • Premium Lunch

    Special Sashimi

    3,900 yen

    Assortment of sashimi in double layer boxes

    Steamed sea bream head

    Small bowl


    Miso soup


    Sumptuous and fresh - Chef’s selections of sashimi of the day.

    Japan Rosyseabass

    3,900 yen

    Grilled rosy seabass

    Sweet shrimp sashimi

    Steamed dish

    Small bowl


    Miso soup


    Niigata local specialty -rosy sea bass has juicy and natural taste.

    Ukiyo Traditional Eel

    4,900 yen

    Grilled eel on white rice

    Eel liver clear soup

    Steamed dish

    Small bowl


    Savory eel grilled with Ukiyo traditional homemade sauce

  • Seasonal Lunch -Summer-

    Eel Kamameshi

    2,910 yen

    Enjoy steamed rice and eel in an iron pot on your table.

    ※Unacha set (dashi, wasabi, green onion and seaweed) is available for an additional charge of 200 yen.

    Ukiyo Summer Udon

    1,880 yen


    Combination of udon in refreshing plum flavored soup and rice with clams.

    Takada Hime

    1,580 yen

    Variety of seasonal tastes including grilled fish and tempura. Popular lunch set.

    Summer Curry and Rice

    1,380 yen


    Ground meat and seasonal vegetable keema curry with delicious local rice.

  • Access/Overview

    Name: Ukiyo

    Address: Nakamachi3-5-4, Joetsu, Niigata, 943-0831, Japan

    Closed: 2nd Monday of each month

    Hours: Lunch 11:30-14:00, dinner by reservation

    Tel: +81-25-524-2217

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